Laura Tempest Zakroff
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The Witch's Cauldron has been released and has been getting fantastic reviews!  Laura just completed doing a 6 week long tour of the US, but if you missed out, you can order a signed copy directly on this website!

Check out the recently released podcast interviews with Laura on Down At The Crossroads and Modern Witch!

Laura was also on Coast to Coast AM.  Check the link to find out how to listen.

Laura will be at DragonCon in Atlanta - you'll find her in the Art Show, as well as performing with some bands as well! August 31st-September 4th.

Sigil Witchery - Laura's 2nd book, will be officially released 1/8/2018 - we'll be putting up pre-order buttons in November. 

New Project!  Laura is teaming up with Jason Mankey to write "The Witch's Altar" - another book in the Witch's tool series!


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