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Praise for "The Witch's Cauldron":
"While there’s various teachings, lore and uses for the cauldron in witchcraft, no book is as complete on the subject as Laura Tempest Zakroff’s The Witch’s Cauldron: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Vessels....I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the cauldron and bring diversity in their personal magickal practice with it." - Full review by Mat Auryn

"I was totally blown away by this book. It gives a thorough and concise look at the use of the Cauldron in history and at present, delves into the mysteries of the cauldron and Lore. It really took me to a new understanding, this is one I will read and reread..." - review link

From Paganicon 2017 (Guest of Honor):
Recap - By Athame & Stang | Recap - Raise The Horns

From Presentations at PantheaCon 2017:
"Hekate at the Crossroads" - by Psychopomp Groupie | "Into the Labyrinth" - by Through The Distant Woods

From Presentations at DragonCon 2016:
Daily Dragon: The Power of Line & Symbol: The Art of Sigil Magick | Amused To Life

From Presentations at Paganicon 2016:
The Priestesses Podcast

From Mat Auryn's review of Jason Mankey's "The Witch's Book of Shadows" which included a contribution by Laura: " My personal favorite was by Laura Tempest Zakroff called “No Fear Grimoire Crafting”. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my Books of Shadows, grimoires and journals. Laura talks about how she thinks of the Book of Shadows like she does the cookbook that is passed down through her family. Part of the sacredness of her family cookbook is the history within the hand written notes and the various food stains of trial and error attempts. The idea really struck a chord for me, viewing the Book of Shadows as a messy recipe book of experimentation and less as an illuminated manuscript that must be perfect."

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