Laura Tempest Zakroff
Upcoming Events

April 13-16th - Professional Guest at Norwescon - Seatac, WA
(art show, panels, performance)

April 30th - guest on Pagan Musings Podcast

May 5th - Book Event at The Cunning Crow Apothecary, Seattle, WA
May 7th - Book Event at Edge of the Circle, Seattle, WA
May 13th - Book Event at Radiance, Olympia, WA - register for the workshop here
May 18th - Book Tour at The Sacred Well, Portland, OR
May 19th - Book Tour at Keven CraftRitual, Eugene, OR
May 20th - Book Tour at Lightweavers Academy, Citrus Heights, CA (Sacramento)
May 21st - Book Tour at Milk & Honey, Sebastopol, CA
May 22nd - Book Tour at The Mystic Dream, Walnut Creek, CA
May 23rd - Book Tour  at Air & Fire, Boulder Creek, CA
May 24th - Book Tour at Enchantations, Campbell, CA
May 25th-29th - Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, CA

June 16th - Goddess Art Show & Book Signing at Gargoyles, Seattle, WA
June 17th - Summer Book Tour Starts!
June 22nd-25th - Pagan Spirit Gathering - Featured Guest
June 26th-July 19th - Summer Book Tour Continues!
July 20th-July 23rd - Presenter at Mystic South, Atlanta, GA
July 24th-July 30th - More Book Tour!

August 4th-6th - Many Gods West, Olympia, WA



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