Laura Tempest Zakroff
Upcoming Events

July 10th - Providence, RI: Book Signing & Concert 
July 11th - Bedford, NH - Moth & Moon Studio: Book Signing & Workshop
July 12th - Salem, MA - Enchanted: Author Talk, Signing, and Workshop
July 13th - Southington, CT - StellaLuna LCC: Book Signing & Concert
July 14th - Brooklyn, NY - Catland Books: Book Signing, Workshop, & Concert
July 15th - Camden, DE - Finding Avalon: Book Signing & Concert
July 16th - Georgetown, DE - The New Alexandrian Library: Workshops
July 17th - Greenville, NC - The Sojourner: Book Signing, Workshop, & Concert
July 18th - Durham, NC - Everyday Magic: Book Signing
July 18th - Durham, NC - Arcana: Concert
July 19th - Greenville, SC - Niad Studio: Workshop & Concert
July 21th-July 23rd - Atlanta, GA: Presenter at Mystic South
July 25th - Chicago, IL - Life Force Arts: Ritual Movement Workshop
July 26th - Minneapolis, MN - Magus: Book Signing, Workshop, Concert
July 28th - Billings, MT - Barjon Books: Book Signing & Workshop
July 29th - Missoula, MT - Concert with SJ Tucker & Leslie Hudson

August 4th-6th - Many Gods West, Olympia, WA



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